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in Middle School - 14 Oct, 2013
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Facing the Challenges of Middle School

The time has finally come and your little girl isn’t so little anymore!  It seems like she is growing up so fast – why just yesterday she fell and skinned and knee and still need that hug and kiss from you and the reassurance that she would be alright.  Now all of a sudden she is getting ready to enter into middle school.  What happened to those yesteryear’s?  Before you know it, she will be all grown up and in high school!  But first let’s talk a little bit about middle school and what she will be learning there and the importance of learning at an early age.

For most, the old panic button comes on when the thought of middle school comes up because kids are asked to handle a more challenging curriculum as well as do independent projects in  many of their subjects. In the 7th grade usually comes the foreign language class, art, music health, home economics,shop and even physical education.

Your child will have to start writing essays that are mechanically correct and more than one page long, give oral speeches, solve simple equations containing a variable, conduct science projects using dependent and independent variables along with appreciating art and music and gain the basic skills in these areas.

In the 8th grade will come even more challenging courses that will prepare your child for high school.  Here there will be more emphasis on discussion rather than the simple recall of facts.  It is time for making important decisions about careers and behavior.  Taking more responsibility when it comes to completing her assignments both at home and at school.

Eigth graders will be reading more complex literature, they will have to learn and understand the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the structure of American democracy as well as identify major events in U.S. History and explain how a bill becomes a law, do introductory algebra as well as geometry, take lots of notes and participate effectively in classroom and group discussions.

Seems a little scary, and it is.  For most, the  middle school years are the hardest, yet the most important in getting ready for high school which is a lot easier than you think, thanks to those middle school years.

An important key to your child’s success in middle school is for you as a parent – help them make that transition from elementary school, keep the lines of communication open.  In doing so you will help put them at ease and look forward to this new adventure rather than going into it with the wrong attitude and you will see them adjusting just fine and see that their grades and test scores will be higher.  So be involved!

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